Test/End your Events

New Feature Alert!

We know many of you have been asking for this feature and we are happy to announce it is here! You are now able to TEST and STOP all of your live events with the click of a few buttons! 

To get started, log into your backend (where you create your events and download your files) and on the left-hand side, you will see a new button labeled TEST/STOP EVENT. See below:

Once you have clicked on the TEST/STOP EVENT button, you will be brought into this window, where you will see a list of your live events and any event you have scheduled three days out. If you are trying to test an event that longer than three days out, you can create a carbon copy of that event as a test for the same day or still give our support team a call like you normally would do.

To TEST the event, simply click anywhere on the event row and the live video with display as long as you are sending it to the correct channel. If you are not sending it to the correct channel, the video will not play and you will likely see a spinning circle. Always confirm your channel settings in your streaming software. 

To STOP your event and send it to the On-Demand Section in the portal and Download Files section in the backend, you must click on the desired event in the list (Please note: you can only end events that have LIVE listed as the status). 

Once you have clicked on the event you want to end, you will click on the blue END EVENT button to the right of the video player. It will confirm you want to end the event and once you hit OKAY, the archive process begins. Please wait the usual 10-15 minutes for the video to archive and process in our system. Keep in mind, on busier days, the archive process may take longer than normal. If you are not seeing your event available after an extended period of time, please give us a call! 

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