RTMP Streaming Wirecast

To stream to a destination as a RTMP Server simply:

  1. Open Wirecast and go to your Output settings. Select RTMP Server in the Destination dropdown menu
  2. Your Encoding should be selected as Stretch Internet Preset. If you do not see that, you need to create a new encoding preset by clicking on the gear icon and select new preset. It will prompt you to name the preset. Type in Stretch Internet and hit OK.
  3. From there, fill out the following for HD:

Fill out the following for SD:

Hit the SAVE button after that has been filled out.

From there you will follow these steps to send the broadcast to Stretch:

  1. Enter the RTMP Server Address and stream name below in the Address text box and stream text box:

Address: rtmp://oX.stretchinternet.com:80/flashX

Stream: testschoolvideo


Your output settings should look like this:

HIT the OK button and you should be all set! 

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