Titler Live with Scorebot and Wirecast

What it is:

NewBlue Titler live is a graphics solution can be integrated into Wirecast, Tricasters, and other streaming software and hardware. The software is run independently of the streaming program, but can be brought in to produce scoreboards and other graphics. Here is a list of Programs it can be used with:

  • Wirecast Versions 6-Present
  • Tricaster
  • OBS*** NOTE: They say it is compatible but we have never been successful in doing so. 
  • vMix
  • Roland

For scoreboards, NewBlue has the ability to pair with a Sportzcast scorebot. This automates the scoreboard. If the client doesn't have sportzcast, they can manually update the scoreboard within the NewBlue software. Below are links to NewBlue's product walkthrough's as well as a video walkthrough. The documents on this page show you how to integrate NewBlue with and without Sportzcast. 

Titler Live Express With Wirecast

After installing Titler Live, you will be greeted with the NewBlueFX App Manager.

If the NewBlueFX App Manager does not appear, you can launch it from the Applications folder in Mac or the Program Files folder in Windows.

Create a new account or log in with your existing NewBlue Account using the same information you use for NewBlueFX.com.  

Once you create your account, you will see a list of the current products you recently installed or own.

Titler Live Express should automatically activate if you have Wirecast 7 installed.

Titler Live Express For Wirecast lets you add titles directly inside Wirecast.

To add a title, head over to the Shot Bin and click on the + icon. 

A new Titler Express source will be generated.

Click OK to add the shot to your bin.

Expand the collapsible options menu on the left-hand side of the interface to reveal your shot layers. The menu can also be opened by double-clicking on the Titler source.

Click on the Properties tab to reveal the Titler Live 2 Properties panel. Click on the "Titler Live" button to open the Titler Live Express interface.

Titler Live Express comes with a variety of Lower Thirds, Main Titles and Bugs. Additional template packs can be purchased separately.

Choose a sports template to get started.

In the variable field, select the appropriate behavior for your sport.

This will open the login window where you can select how to connect to ScoreBot.

You can type in the IP address of your ScoreBot or log in to the SportzCast cloud service.


Sign in with your license and relevant SportzCast data will be updated automatically.

Remaining information can be edited from the Variable field in the Titler Live interface.

Titler Live Broadcast comes with a collection of pre-built sports templates.

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