Side Arm FTP


Initial Setup

a. Download the SIDEARM installer file (

b. You will be prompted to add this program to your machine, hit next until the installation has been completed.

c. Once installed, a shortcut will be added to your desktop, the icon is the SIDEARM diamond logo.

d. Setup distribution points by clicking Add New located below the Distribution Points box. This is where you will create accounts for each sport and any other locations where you need to send your live stat file. The steps below were previously handled in the locations XML, but now this is all down within this section and you can now create and save a separate account for each sport and distribution point.

e. Name: When adding a new distribution point, be sure to give it a proper name (Softball, Volleyball, MBasketball, etc.) Doesn't have to match those names exactly, you can use abbreviations or whatever helps you distinguish between your distribution points.

f. Host: If you are sending to another location, add the proper host in this field. For Stretch:

g. Port: The port will always be 21 unless otherwise specified.

h. Username: should be the same as your admin credentials

i. Password:should be the same as your admin credentials

j. Directory:

k. Active or Passive Mode: Always choose passive mode unless otherwise specified.

l. The last step before you can add the new distribution point is to verify it. To do so, click Verify Distribution Point. This will ping the location you have entered information for to verify that everything was entered properly. If it returns an error, double check all the fields and try again. Otherwise you would receive a notification.

m. To add your distribution files, click on Add New under the Distribution Files section. Browse your machine to find the XML file, commonly named 1.xml on your machine. If following the directions below (o-u), the xml file should be located in the LIVE folder on your C Drive. After selecting the file, you will see it appear in the Distribution Files box. (For Stretch, your XML file name may be something different than 1.xml.)

n. When ready to begin using SIDEARM FTP, check the boxes for each Distribution Points you need for that game. Also check the box for the Distribution File and then click the > button. This will activate the SIDEARM FTP and each time the file is saved in StatCrew it will transmit a new file. If you want to send a test through, you can force send the file by clicking on the Options tab and then clicking on Force Send.

 Steps o-u are done in StatCrew

  •  Go Under the Live menu, and choose Live Setup
  • Uncheck Auto Send FTP, but make sure Auto-Copy is checked and XML is selected in the radio buttons.
  • In the Target Directory, paste in C:\LIVE
  • Set the XML Filename to 1 (or whatever you need to put in this field for Stretch)At the top click "Activate"
  • At the bottom click "O."
  • Go to Live and Click on "Send Stat Files". This copies the newest XML file for the present game to the Live folder on your machine. 

Gameday Checklist

  • Open the SIDEARM-FTP by double-clicking the icon on your desktop.
  • Check the boxes for distribution points for today's game and the distribution file.
  • Hit the > button to activate the SIDEARM FTP
  • Open StatCrew Game Reports.
  • Click on Live and then choose Live Setup
  • Click Activate. Make sure the Auto-Copy box is checked, the XML Radio button is selected and the Target Directory is C:\LIVE. In the upper right corner, check Enable XML and enter 1 (or whatever your Stretch game file name is) as your file name. Click OK.Choose the game for the list in StatCrew and lastly click on Live and then Send Live Stats.
  • At this point we suggest minimizing the SIDEARM FTP program. It will need to stay open to function but doesn't need to be on the screen, this way you can't close it by accident and it doesn't take up valuable screen space.

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