Barix Instreamer


Initial device setup and accessing the Barix Instreamer admin page[edit]

To set up your Instreamer, first connect the device to the network through the rear ethernet port, then plug in the USB power cord. All Barix Instreamers come configured to negotiate an IP address once they're connected to a network and powered on, and then announce that IP address through the front audio port. Plug in speakers or headphones to the front audio port and power on the Instreamer to hear the device's assigned IP address. Navigate to that IP address in your preferred web browser to access the device administration page.

Device configuration[edit]

Click the CONFIGURATION link in the top navigation bar. Ignore the basic settings displayed by default and select "Advanced Settings" from the navigation menu on the left. Individual category settings should be as follows:


Leave as-is. This should not require any special configuration.



Input Source Line stereo ▾

Audio Format MPEG1 / 44.1 kHz (MP3) ▾

MPEG bitrade mode VBR ▾

MPEG Encoding quality 0 Lowest ▾

Please note: While it is tempting to raise the encoding quality, the actual difference in sound from doing so is negligible, while introducing greater potential for network issues at multiple points between the source and end users. Ensure MPEG encoding quality is set to 0 to avoid stream interruptions and maximize stability.



Streaming Mode send always ▾

Buffer Underrun Mode (TCP) skip ▾

Stream Packet Strategy optimal package ▾

UDB Tx Source Port 0


Own Name — Your choice. See description in Help section on right side of the page

Radio Path /streamname

icy-url / SIP user <a href=""></a>

icy-genre — Your choice. "Sports" is a common example, though genre is really completely optional.

Shoutcast stream private ▾

Please note: The Icecast mount point   streamname here is given only as an example.Please replace any instance of   streamname in this guide with your actual given mount point name.


# Conn. type Enter IP Address or Domain Name Port
1 Icecast source ▾<span style="display: inline-block; width: 100px;"> </span> 8000 

I/O & Serial[edit]

Leave as-is.

Control & SNMP[edit]

Leave as-is.



Icecast/Shoutcast stream

Make sure to hit the "Apply" button below the left menu to confirm all settings.

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