Cloud Connector

What it Is:

Cloud Connector is an alternative option to TasFTP for people using the legacy version of Stat Crew. Instead of using TasFTP, Cloud Connector sends the stats through the Stat Crew Cloud. Below are the steps to get a client setup using the program. 


1.  Log into the Statcrew Cloud. If you don't have a Stat Crew Cloud account, you will need to make one. If you need to download Cloud Connector, there is a link on the right side of the main dashboard page.

2.  Navigate to the sport you would like to do live stats for (you will have to setup the FTP information for EACH sport). Click on FTP Sites (might be labelled differently) and add a new FTP site using the following information. 
Name - Stretch Internet
Host -
Port - 21
User - (their username for Stretch)
Password - (Their password for Stretch live stats)
Enabled - Checked
Directory - blankā€¦ cannot have a dash here or anything

3. Next we will need you to click on "Schedule" for the selected sport.
We need you to click on the "date" portion of the listed game. On the next page they'll need to select "edit game". Once there, you need to add the gameid.xml to the bottom of the page. Make sure it includes the .xml and not just the number.

4. Next we are going to open up Cloud Connector. Choose the sport and the game. The next field is "directory" which we will set up. Navigate to the C root directory and add a folder called XML. Click select folder to add this to Cloud Connector. It will be displayed as C:\XML.

5. Open up Game Reports for the sport in question. Load the Game from the Game List.Go to Live, Live Setup. Remove ALL Stretch FTP information and uncheck "auto send FTP". Scroll down to Copy File Settings and check auto-copy files and make sure the XML radio box is selected for Target Directory, enter C:\XML.

6. Go back to the Cloud Connector and select start

7. Live Stats will begin following the first entry in DOS scoring after the start button was selected. You will see a log of when it was last updated in Cloud Connector. 

Note: Live Stats won't be sent to us from Cloud Connector until the game has reached the start time that was entered on the Stat Crew Cloud. 

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