Season Stats/ Balls and Strikes in Stat Crew

If you are looking to add more in-depth information to your live stats for baseball and softball, Stat Crew gives you the ability to include season stats and balls and strikes. When these are enabled, these features will also show on the portal when fans are looking at the stats. Below you will find the steps to add both of these features into your stats. 

Balls and Strikes:

There are two spots you will need to update within Stat Crew to get balls and strikes to show in your stat feed. 

1) The first is in the DOS scoring system itself.In the scoresheet options, you want to make sure that auto-save between innings is set to"A". The other one you want set to "Yes" is "Pitch Count in Narrative".

2) The second spot that will need to be updated are the Game Report settings. In there, you  want to make sure that the "Show Pitch Counts" and "Show Pitch Sequence" both have check boxes. 

If these two are set correctly, then you should start seeing balls and strikes in the live stats in the portal. 

Season Stats:

By using CAP files for baseball and softball, you have the ability to add in season stats for each player that will show up in the live stats portion of the portal. Click here to check out Stat Crew's guide on how to use CAP files. 

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