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The Magewell capture device is necessary in order to bring in a camera signal into a laptop. Generally, an HDMI or SDI cable is connected to the camera and into the device and from the device to the computer is via USB. Below are setup instructions and and common troubleshooting steps to fix many issues that arise with this device. 


1) Connect HDMI cable from camera to Magewell

2) Connect USB cable from Magewell into computer using a USB port. If possible, use USB 3.0 (marked by blue outline or the letters SS).

3) At this point, the power and activity lights should both come on showing the device is active.

4) Open Encoding Software (Wirecast, FMLE, OBS)

5) Add in camera shot(will be listed as XI100DUSB HDMI) - NOTE The audio shot will be a separate shot, if the client wants camera audio you will need to add this separately.

6) If they are streaming in HD, capture device size should be set to 1280x720. If they are streaming in SD, set to 720x480. Also set device de-interlacing to blend.

7) Set canvas size in the output menu to match the capture device.

Common Issues

  • Jagged lines on broadcast
  • Blurry video quality
  • USB Bandwidth has been exceeded
  • No Video

Common Fixes

Jagged lines on broadcast- If someone is using a Magewell and the lines on the gym/field seem jagged or blurry, the most common fix for that will be to deinterlace the video. To do this, in the source settings, set "Device Deinterlace" from none to blend. If you are on a newer version of Wirecast, you will select the dynamic editor on the left side of the program. It is possible that Wirecast will need to be restarted after changing this setting.

Blurry video quality- If someone is complaining that the quality of the video looks bad(blurry video), this is a capture device size issue. Have the client bring up the capture size in the source settings to improve the quality. Keep in mind that by increasing quality, you will put more stress on the computer(cpu %)

USB Bandwidth has been exceeded- If a client runs into this message, it is usually one of two things. First, there is the possibility the client is using a USB 2.0 port on the computer instead of USB 3.0. If they are locked into using USB 2.0 drop the capture device size, and reduce the camera output to 720p. If you are unable to move the camera output to 720p, you may continue to see this issue. If they are on USB 3.0, check to see if they have any other USB devices plugged into the computer. If not, drop the capture device size down.

No Video- If the lights are illuminated on the Magewell unit, and video is now showing in Wirecast, you can use the Magewell USB Capture Utility (downloaded from to see if video is getting to the computer. Generally updating the firmware is the "last ditch" troubleshooting method here. If you still do not have video, the unit is likely damaged.


Magewell USB Capture Utility

This tool will allow you to identify if there is video coming into the laptop from the camera. This is similar to Desktop Video for Blackmagic Devices. You can also see what type of video signal is being brought in from the camera.

How to download:

  1. Go to
  2. Select either the USB Capture or USB Capture Plus
  3. Select the Tools tab 
  4. Select the appropriate Operating System on the left side 
  5. Click the BLUE download button 

Please note: If using on Mac, once the download has completed, you may get a message that "The identity of the developer cannot be identified". This will require you to go to System Preferences, Security and Privacy, and you will need to select the button that says "open anyway". This may require admin credentials.

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