Wowza GoCoder

Wowza GoCoder


Wowza GoCoder is a streaming software for iOS and Android devices that can be used for both Video and Audio broadcasts. Most clients will use this for Audio Only. Below is the setup! 


The first task is to download the app from the App Store iPhone or Google Play Store for Androids

1) Once downloaded, press the "W" settings icon in the upper right hand corner of the App. From there you will see a "Connect To" menu (screen one below).

Choose Wowza Streaming Engine to open the "Engine" screen (screen two below).

2) For the Server Item on the Host page, type in just the server URL (example,, see screen three). For the Port, type in 1935 or 80. To find out your server URL, please contact the support team. 

3) Back out to the Engine page and choose Application. This is where you will type in the pool (in application) and Stream ID (in stream name, see screen four). Source Authentication is blank. Then select done. To find out any of this information, please contact the support team. 

4) Next, you will need to click the stream options icon in the upper right hand corner (three sliders icon). You will be presented with the options screen (screen four). Stream is where you will chose Video + Audio (default), Video (contains no audio, even Nat sound), Audio Only (for audio-only broadcasts). Video Settings should be set to Frame Rate 30 and Key Frame Interval 60. Video Size will be HD (720p) for HD clients and 640x480 for SD Clients.

5) Finally, bit rate is chosen by clicking on the displayed bitrate in the bottom left portion of the screen. HD Defaults are 1000kbps, 2500kbps, 3750kbps and 5000kbps. Have clients choose the 2500 setting. For SD clients, the defaults are 700kbps, 1000kbps, 1500kbps and 2500kbps. Have clients choose 1000kbps.

6) Once that is all set, have them click on the Red button to stream.

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