Wirecast 9

This article covers the basics for new or altered features in Wirecast 9 from Wirecast 8. If you are looking for basic Wirecast information not found in this article, refer to the Wirecast Basics article

You can also reference this official guide from Telestream for Mac, and this for Windows

What's New? 

Adding Sources 

  • For the most part, this works similarly to previous versions, but new window now appears when a source is added which has changed how things are organized. 

  • Video Capture and Audio Capture- These tabs will contain the capture devices. 
  • Network- This tab contains a few options that were listed out separately in previous versions: iOS cam from Wirecast Go, Rendezvous sessions, Web Display (a webpage) and Web Stream (IP Cameras). 
  • Screen Capture- This contains Remote Desktop Presenter, Screen Capture and Syphon Frame. 
  • Overlays- This tab contains a variety of things that can be dropped onto your feed: A running clock, Image Carousel, Scoreboard, Text, Title and Twiiter Feed
  • Backgrounds- This tab allows you to change a custom background. It contains Web Display, Solid Color, Virtual Sets. 
  • Shots- This tab allows you to customize you shots. You can add new shots, build playlists, add new shots from Clipboard and Replay Shots. 
  • Favorites- This is new, and will populate with the sources most often used. 
  • All- You can list all available sources together without the categories. 

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