Wirecast 8

This article covers the basics for new or altered features in Wirecast 8 from Wirecast 7. If you are looking for basic Wirecast information not found in this article, refer to the Wirecast 5-6 article

You can also reference this official guide from Telestream for MAC, and this for PC. 

What's New? 


  •  This is a new system that allows you to add video conferencing into the feed. Primarily, this allows users to build a show with live guests, like Around the Horn or a broadcast News show. Users can even download Wirecast Go to their phones for free, and use those phones to connect to the streaming computer. We may not have clients who want to use this, but it wouldn't hurt for us to be aware of it. 

Audio Tracks 

  • Wirecast 8 adds some new functionality to audio tracks with Multi-Channel Audio Support. Wirecast can now ingest 16 channels of audio in a single source, which they can then mix and match to set up shots containing exactly the audio they are looking for. 

Adding Sources

  • Much of this is the same as previous versions, but there are some new options.

  • Syphon Frame. This is a new functionality that allows users to input a "capture" of another running application. This is likely Telestream trying to enter the gaming market, allowing streaming of a running game to Twitch. 
  • Twitter Feed. This creates a Twitter shot, which can customized like scoreboards. To integrate Twitter into the source, select the Twitter tab at the top of Wirecast, authenticate through that menu and tell Wirecast what feed you want it to pull in. 
  • Image Carousel. Creates a shot that shows a sequence of images. 

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