Contact Info - CMS

As part of our quest to have the world's best customer service, we require at least one point of contact for every event you stream. We are monitoring every stream in our system for that day and it's our goal to reach out immediately at the first sign of an issue with a broadcast.

To enter each person's name and contact information, navigate to the "Contact Info" menu on the left side of the CMS. Start by clicking "Add New Contact." 

Next, you'll fill out the proper information. If you'd like our support team to have the option to text you, go ahead and choose your mobile service provider. Once you have all the info put in, you'll see a box at the bottom labeled, "Should this contact receive administrative e-mails or alerts regarding your account or service issues?" By checking that box, you'll be adding that contact to our list of people that receive administrative emails from us. When you're finished with this, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page to ensure the contact is submitted into our system. 

There isn't a limit on the number of contacts you can put in, and the list of people in the "Contact Info" menu will correspond with the list of contacts in the  Contact Info pulldown menu in the event creator.

When you're choosing contacts for an event, we'll reach out to anyone that gets put on the event. However, we urge you to at least put whoever is working the streaming computer/camera and the person in charge of stats. This will allow us to effectively and efficiently help troubleshoot any problems. If you put multiple contacts down and want us to contact certain contacts for specific issues or in a particular order, feel free to drop us a note in the Note section of the event editor. Happy streaming!

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