Scheduling Live Stat Events

In this article, we'll show you how to schedule an event with live stats and highlight a few things to look out for while doing so. 

The live stats section is located in the middle of the Event Editor. Select "Yes" from the drop down menu and you should see additional options appear (see below).

Game ID

IMPORTANT: The Game ID is the number you will need to enter into your stat program on game day. That number will be generated once you submit your event. Each event will have a unique six digit ID.

Home & Visitor Team Logos

The key with logos and colors is making sure you have the home and visiting teams entered correctly at the top of the Event Editor. When entering the teams for each event, you have the option to select VS or AT. Our system determines home and road teams as follows:

  • Team A VS Team B = Team A is Home & Team B is Visitor
  • Team A AT Team B = Team A is Visitor & Team B is Home

Once the home and road teams are sorted out, you have two methods for selecting the logos and colors.


If the teams involved are Stretch clients, you can select them from the drop down menus and their logos and colors should populate automatically. 

Please note: It is up to each institution to upload a default logo and color in their Portal Manager. If a team does not do this, you will not be able to import their information with the Pre-Fill drop down.

Choose File

If the desired team is not listed in the drop down menu (or their logo and colors do not show up properly), you can upload a logo by selecting Choose File. For the color, you can manually type in a six digit code or select one from a color wheel by clicking in the box. When uploading logos, be sure to follow the guidelines listed in red (as seen in the image above). 

That should be everything you need to know for the stats portion of your event. Once you're done filling out the rest of the Event Editor, hit submit at the bottom of the page and enjoy the rest of your day! 

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