Black Magic-Desktop Video

What it is:

Desktop Video is the program that that you use to get your Blackmagic devices to show up in Wirecast, or other software encoder. Within Desktop Video, you can make various adjustments that ensure that the device and the computer are communicating properly. 

To download Desktop Video onto your computer, go to From there, scroll down to the latest downloads section and find the latest version of Desktop Video. HOWEVER, make sure that the version you download is compatible with whatever OS your computer is running. You can find this out by clicking on "Read More" and checking the specifications. 

Setting the Input:

The most important thing you will have to do with Desktop Video is setting what input is coming from the camera into the Blackmagic device. If the input that is setup in Desktop Video doesn't match which input the camera is going into on the device, the video will not show up in Wirecast. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Desktop Video from the System Preferences on the computer.  
  2. Click on the "Video Input" option and change it to match whatever input the device is using. 
  3. Save your changes.

The image below shows Desktop Video with an Intensity Shuttle. All devices share the same interface. The only differences will be the name as well as the image at the top. 

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