Stat Broadcast

So you've partnered with StatBroadcast to do your live stats and you want to integrate those into your Stretch Internet Portal? Well, you're in luck! GameCentral 2.0 is compatible with StatBroadcast to post stats right into your portal. After a few quick steps, you should have a solid handle on setting up live stats to show up alongside your broadcasts!

Getting Started

Once you've  scheduled your live stats in the Event Editor, a Game ID will be generated (you'll have to go back into the event you created to see the GAME ID). This is what you'll need to continue adjusting your StatBroadcast settings. 

Game Day Setup

In order to ensure that your stats reach us, navigate to the Advanced Settings window in StatBroadcast (the button to launch that is on the left side of the main window). From there, a window will pop up with several different FTP options -- go ahead and select one that's not being used.

Example below: 

  • In the "Settings For" field, you can leave the text as FTP #1 or you can insert a custom name such as STRETCH STATS. 
  • The next line is for the "FTP Server," where you can enter the following:
  • You can leave the "Folder on the FTP server" section blank. 
  • In the "Name for the file on the FTP server" field is where you'll enter the GAME ID that was created when you scheduled your live stats. IMPORTANT: Add .xml to the end of the GAME ID, or else the stats won't reach our servers.
  • Make sure to insert your Stretch Internet username and password that you use to login to the CMS into the appropriate fields (shown below). To finish things off, check the box next to "Use Passive FTP." 

After you've filled everything out, hit the SAVE button. Now you can show everyone in the world how what a live stats master looks like! 

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