One of the best parts of GameCentral 2.0 is the sleek inclusion of live stats into the portal next to the live stream. Chances are if you're reading this, you use DakStats to stat your school's sporting events and want to take your broadcast experience to the next level. You've come to the right place! This article will break down how to set up and send live stats to Stretch Internet using the DakStats software.

Once you have  scheduled your live stats in the Event Editor in the back end of Stretch, you will have generated a GAME ID (you'll need to go back into the event you created to see the GAME ID). This is what you'll need to continue adjusting your DakStats settings.

Game Day Setup

  • Set up the game as you normally would in the DakStats software.
  • Go to the Webcast menu in DakStats and select configure.
  • Based on the example provided below, select Enable Webcast in the upper left hand corner. Next, you'll need to enter the URL for the game, which will begin with "ftp://ftp.stretchinternet.com”. The closing file name will depend on the GAME ID that we created in the previous step. So the complete URL for your game will be “ftp://ftp.stretchinternet.com/GAMEID.xml” 
  • The next box that needs to be checked is Output in xml format. After that, simply enter in the username that you use to access our Content Management System and the original password for your school that was created by Stretch into the appropriate fields at the bottom of the screen. Click "Apply," followed by "OK." 

When you're ready to begin transmitting live stats, go back up to the Webcast menu and select "Start." This step will initiate the flow of your live stats directly into our FTP server and into your GameCentral Portal. 

After finishing the steps above, go ahead and pat yourself on the back, you've earned it! Your school's fans will appreciate the added element of stats paired with the broadcast. 

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