Relay Basics

Do you have a radio station that already streams your games? If so, a relay might be for you! 

What is a Relay?

A relay is an audio only event where the audio from an existing stream is pulled into your Stretch portal. In most cases, if you have a local radio station (or other entity) that carries your events, we can magically grab that feed and relay it to our servers! 

How to set up a Relay

To set up a relay, we must first confirm that we are able to pull the audio from the existing online feed. You may explore this option any time by emailing our support team ( with the link to the online audio source and any relevant information (what station it is coming from, what sport you'd like to use it for, any contacts we may need to test the feed, ect). 

Once we have the link, our operations department will check its viability, and if all goes well, we'll add it to your account! From there, you can select Relay audio from another stream as your Audio Source when scheduling your event. If you have multiple relay options, be sure to select the correct link for each event. 

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