Production Truck Basics


  • Production Truck is a software encoder developed by BlueFrame. You can find their resource center about it here
  • You can also find a video walkthrough here.


Creating a broadcast: 

  • To use Production Truck, you'll need at least one available broadcast to select. A broadcast is essentially a streaming profile. To create one, go to the "Broadcast" tab at the top of the program, and select "Create Broadcast."
  • Once you've filled out the required fields, that broadcast should automatically be selected. If it still says "No broadcast" at the top, click the hamburger menu and select the name of the broadcast you just created. 
  • To make any changes, click on the "Broadcast" menu again and select "Edit Broadcast." 

Adding Sources: 

  • This can be done when the "Preferences" menu pops up automatically, or you can access that menu any time by hitting the gear icon in the middle of the screen. Then click the audio/video tab. 

  • You can add four video sources, each under a different Camera tab. Under the source dropdown, you should see the capture device you're looking for. 
  • Under the Audio Input tab, the source menu will allow you to select an audio device, like a mixer. 

Output Settings for Stretch

1) Clients need to click the gear icon on the main page to get started, Preferences will pop up. They'll want to select Stretch as the Streaming Service and then click "Create Broadcast"

2) When you create an RTMP event, you'll need to enter something in the Description field, the full Stretch RTMP address in the Host URL and their stream ID in the Stream Name Field. If you don't know your RTMP address or Stream ID, reach out to the Stretch Internet support staff.

3) When you're ready, hit the Live button and it should begin streaming. 


  • Stream from Production Truck not connecting? 
    • If a broadcast hasn't been selected, the program will error out and ask you to select a broadcast. 
    • If that's not the case, make sure their network can handle the stream. Production Truck runs automatic bandwidth tests, and should display the upload speed it sees.
    • To run that test manually, open up the Properties menu and go to the "Network" tab. Click "Run Test." 
    • Once you know the upload speed, go to their stream settings (Preferences -> Service-> Video Quality) and try dropping the quality. Keep in mind, our Stretch Internet HD preset has an average bitrate of 1500 kbps, so you would want an upload speed of 3 mbps to run that consistently. 
    • If it still doesn't connect, try setting the streaming service to "RTMP" instead of Stretch Internet. This way, you can change the port in the URL, and see if that helps. 

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