Tricaster Basics

If you're reading this, congratulations on owning one of the most powerful streaming encoders on the market! When it comes to bells and whistles, Tricasters have just about everything you could wish for. In this article, we'll go over the basics and teach you how to set it up to send to Stretch. With the wide variety of features and models available for Tricasters, we can't possibly cover everything. Lucky for you, Newtek (the company that makes Tricasters) has a robust youtube channel that offers tons of helpful tutorials. Be careful not to binge watch them too fast!

Network Setup:

To get your Tricaster all set up to point in our direction, the first thing you'll need to do is find the stream settings menu. This menu is usually represented by a gear wheel button that will be found near the top of the of the Tricaster interface. Once you find this menu, enter the following information:

  • For the stream type, you will want to select "push:Flash" or anything else that would represent RTMP streaming. Again, depending on the model of Tricaster this may look a little different. But the key is RTMP streaming. 
  • If you're streaming in SD 4:3 -- 30fps 480x360 512 Kbps. If 512 Kbps, isn't available, just select something close to it. 
  • For SD 16:9 -- 30fps 560x315 (or any other 16:9 ratio) 512 Kbps.
  • For HD streams -- 30fps 1280x720 2000 Kbps (if you don't have 2000 Kbps, anything between 1500-2000 should work). 
  • Location: Depending on the model of Tricaster, the name of this may vary. You will want to find the spot that either says "Location", "Stream Address", or something along those lines. This is where you are going to enter the url that will send the stream our way. The rtmp address will look like this: rtmp:// HOWEVER, the 2 "x's" will be preplaced with a specific numbers. Be sure to reach out to us to get your specific url. 
  • The Stream ID section will also be specific to you. Please contact us to get your Stream ID as well as your specific RTMP address.

If there's any doubt at all whether you've got your Tricaster pointing to our servers, or you just want to set up a test, give us a call! Happy streaming!

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