Wirecast Audio Only

While Wirecast gives you the power to send out a robust video stream, you can also use it to send us an audio only broadcast! This article will show you how to do it. 


  • Computer with an active version of Wirecast
  • Internet connection with at least 0.5 Mega Bits Per Second of upload speed
  • Audio source recognized by Wirecast (Line-In, Headset, USB Audio Mixer)


1.  To start, set up your audio equipment and make sure it's plugged into your computer and powered on. 

2.  OPTIONAL: Open your System Preferences (Mac) or Audio Control Panel (PC) and confirm that your audio source is selected as the Input. 

Please note: This does not need to be done every time but it can be helpful if you're setting up your equipment for the first time.

3.  Open Wirecast. 

4.  Hover over the + on one of the layers below, click the speaker icon and add your audio source (see image below).  

5.  Click on your audio source and push it live by clicking the button with an arrow pointing to the right. You should now see green audio bars on right side of your screen. 

6.  Open the Output Settings (located under the Output tab on the menu bar at the top of your screen) and enter/select the following information:

  • Destination: Stretch Internet
  • Encoding: Stretch Internet: Audio Only
  • Username (and Password): Your Stretch Internet User ID (you'll need to click Authenticate and input your password too)
  • Channel: Select the Audio Channel that you chose when scheduling the event in the CMS
Please note: If you do not have any audio channels set up, contact our support team and we'll help you set some up!

7.  Once your Output Settings look like the image above, click OK. 

8.  Open a web browser and pull up your favorite song to celebrate because you're done!

When you're ready to start, simply click the stream button in the top left corner. Our friendly support staff is always available to check your audio levels so feel free to give us a call!

Happy streaming!

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