Wirecast Built-In Scoreboards

Wirecast comes with a wide variety of built-in scoreboards that are easy to create, edit, and overlay on your broadcasts. 

Building a Scoreboard

1. Head to the "Sources" menu and select "New Scoreboard."

2. Use the drop down menu that reads "Metal Pipe" to select which type of scoreboard you want to use. Each scoreboard has a different look.  

3. Certain scoreboards have additional text areas you can create using the"Basic" drop-down menu. Keep in mind that not all scoreboards have this feature. 

3. The "Data" section is where you'll change details such as team names, score, and any other information you have on the scoreboard. The score can be changed by using +1,+2, and +3 buttons, or entering it manually in the text field. 

4. The "Look" section is where you'll make all the aesthetic changes to the scoreboard. From here, you can change text size, color, font as well as the background colors. 

5. To change the name of the scoreboard, double click on "Untitled Scoreboard." This will bring up a new window where you can change the name. 

NOTE: You will need to keep the scoreboard source settings up in order to change the score during the game. 

Adding your Scoreboard into your Broadcast

1. In the first layer, hover your mouse over the + button. From there you'll see four options -- go ahead and click on the camera icon. You should see the scoreboard you've created listed there, select it.

2. Click on the scoreboard in the layer so it is highlighted yellow. 

3. Press the arrow button in the middle of screen to push the shot live. 

Resizing and Moving your Scoreboard

1. When the scoreboard gets pushed live, it's likely that it will appear in the middle of the screen and look oversized. 

2. Double-click on the scoreboard in the first layer. This will bring up a new editing window pop-up (below). Click on the curved rectangle in the attributes tab. 

3. To move the scoreboard, simply click on it in the checkered area and drag it around. 

4. To resize it, use the scale command, which can be found on the bottom of this editing window. On a MacBook, you hold the command key while clicking and dragging the scoreboard. For a Windows laptop, use the alt key with the same mouse movements. Once it's resized, close the window. 

5. Hit the arrow button on the main Wirecast screen (below) one more time and the scoreboard will relocate and change size. 

And there you have it! You can create as many scoreboards as you'd like -- show your creativity! As always, if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email our support team. We're happy to help!

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