Streaming Type

Selecting a streaming type is one of the most crucial parts of creating your event. While it can be somewhat straightforward, it is vital to understand what each streaming type is. 

No Streaming

This option is used for live stat only events. If you plan on sending us stats but you will not have audio or video, simply select "No Streaming" when scheduling your event. 


If you are scheduling an audio only broadcast, this will be your streaming type. After selecting "Audio," some new fields in a green box will appear. 

Audio Option

- Internet-Only Broadcast: This is when you're connecting directly to the Stretch portal and not to a radio feed. When in doubt -- select this option.

- Radio Simulcast: Select this one if you're streaming to us through a media rights holder (Learfield, ISP, etc). 

Please note: This box does not affect your broadcast in any way. It is simply a piece of information for our support team to use. 

Audio Source

Dial in: Broadcasts sent through a phone line where you dial a number and enter a code to start streaming. If you are doing a dial in, be sure to select a four digit code!

Dial out: Broadcasts sent through a phone line where our system dials out to you. For dial outs, select "Stretch will dial out to us" as your audio source and choose the phone number you'd like us to call. When your event goes live, our system will call the specified number every 45 seconds. Simply answer the call to begin streaming.  

Relay: Audio from an existing stream is pulled into your Stretch portal. All you have to do is choose the proper relay link from the drop down menu. 

Please note: Relays must be set up through our Operations Team ahead of time.

Broadcast from Wirecast/Tricaster/FMLE:  If you're streaming audio via Wirecast or Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE), this is the choice for you. Selecting this source will prompt you to specify an "Audio Wirecast Profile." This simply means you need to pick an audio channel. Make sure the channel you select corresponds with the channel entered in Wirecast or FMLE. 

Archive the audio?

If Yes, our system will automatically record your event and make it available On Demand as well as in the Download Files section of the CMS. 


Choose this event type if you are streaming video with or without audio commentary. To set up an event with a Watch link and a Listen link, see the section titled  Separate Audio and Video Feeds below. 

Video Channel

Select the channel you plan on streaming your event to. If you're streaming multiple events at once, you'll need to schedule them them on different channels. Additionally, make sure the channel in your streaming equipment corresponds with the channel you select here. 

Archive the video?

If Yes, our system will automatically record your event and make it available On Demand as well as in the Download Files section of the CMS. 

Video Audio Commentary

This option lets us and fans know if there should be audio commentary with your stream. When changed to "No," a note will appear under the event description in the portal that says "Audio commentary will not be available for this broadcast." This will have no impact on your ability to include audio on the stream.

Separate Audio and Video Feeds

Select this option if you want to provide an audio only stream in addition to your video feed. 

Adding an audio only option can be helpful for fans who don't have enough bandwidth to watch the video.

This will generate the menus for both an audio stream and a video stream. Fill all of those out as described above and you'll be ready to move on with creating your event. 

Please note: choosing this option will not remove audio from your video stream. It simply allows you to send us a video feed and an audio feed for the same event so fans have options in the portal.  

Happy scheduling! 

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