Event Password

Event passwords give you the ability to restrict access to your events while live or on demand. In most cases, we see passwords put in place for on demand sporting events at the request of a coach (for scouting purposes) but you may use them for whatever you'd like!

By default, the Event Password will be toggled to "No" in the Event Editor. To password protect your event, switch this to "Yes" and follow the steps below.

  • Set your password and distribute at your discretion.
Stretch will never give out your password unless specifically instructed to do so by personnel at your institution. 
  • Select whether you want the password to protect the stream while live, on-demand or both.
We ask that you do not password protect Pay Per View events while they're Live as your paying customers will have no way of accessing the stream.
  • Select if you'd like the password to apply to the audio, video or both.
  • Finish scheduling your event and hit submit!

Now congratulate yourself and gloat to your coworkers because you know the password and nobody else does!

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