Portal Categories

In the portal, there are built-in ways to filter by school (NAIA and Conference clients) and sport. Portal categories provide another way for viewers to filter your events. 

Commonly used categories include: Press conferences, interviews, graduations and more! You can add as many categories as you'd like. For more information on adding categories,  click here.

When scheduling an event, you'll come across the "Portal Categories" box. (If this is blank, you'll want to consult the  Category Manager).

To add an event to a category, simply select the category you want the event to associate with in the portal. 

After selecting a category, you can continue on your way to scheduling your event! 

If you'd like to add an existing event to one of your categories, simply select your event from the calendar in the CMS and select the category as explained above. Don't forget to hit submit! 

When added properly, your portal categories should show up like this: 

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