Google Analytics

Google Analytics for StretchLive

Google Analytics is here to help! With a few clicks of your mouse and following these six easy steps, you'll be able to integrate Google Analytics with StretchLive in no time!

Six Easy Steps

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account, and once you on the home page, click the admin option in the lower left-hand corner.

2. From here, click on the "Create Account" button under the Account section.

3. Fill out the required information. The "Website URL" will be the URL of your StretchLive Portal. Make sure you select "https://" under the website URL section.

4. Scroll down and then Click the "Get Tracking ID" button at the bottom of the page.

5. Agree to the Terms of Service with Google

6. The "Tracking ID" at the top of the page is the API Key that you will need to put in 

7. Go into the Portal Manager section in your StretchLive CMS and scroll down to the Google Analytics section.  Enter the Tracking ID in the word box and hit submit at the bottom of the page. 

Just like that, you are officially a statistical wizard and you are ready to utilize Google Analytics with your portal. If you have any issues, please contact us. If you are having issues with Google Analytics, please contact their support team. 

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