Portal Messages

Portal Messages can be a great way to pass along news or information to your viewers. Typically, portal messages are intended to disseminate information that is less time sensitive. You may add multiple messages at once and they will cycle through in the in the section titled "News and Notes" below the video player. 

For urgent matters, such as technical difficulties with a live broadcast, you may want to utilize a  Ticker Message. Below is an image that highlights the difference between portal messages and ticker messages:

As always, this is your portal so you may use portal messages however you'd like!

How to Add Portal Messages

Follow the steps below to add a portal message: 

1.  Log in to the CMS and open Portal Manager (located on the left hand side). 

2.  Locate the section titled "Portal Messages" and click "Add More." That should generate a message field, as well as options for start and stop dates (see image above). 

3.  Type a beautifully crafted message in the text field (300 characters or less). 

4.  Select the day and time you'd like your message to start and stop. You can start your message immediately or leave it up indefinitely by selecting the check boxes above the dates. 

5.  Scroll down to the bottom, hit submit and congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Please note: To add multiple messages at once, click "Add More" before submitting the page. 

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