Launch Screen and Footer Graphics

To provide additional branding or advertising to your portal, you may want to add launch screen and/or footer graphics via the Portal Manager. 

While the two graphics serve similar purposes, there are a couple important aesthetic differences between them.

Launch Screen Slider Graphics

Adding launch screen sliders is a simple process. Once you've navigated into the Portal Manager, scroll down to the "Launch Screen Slider Graphics" box and click "Add More." Doing that should generate an area to select a file (see below). 

After this box has come up, just click "Choose File" and select the correct file from your computer. Your properly uploaded photo will populate like it does in the image below. The "Link URL" box will attach any desired link to the photo, so when a user clicks the photo, it will navigate them to the link you put there. 

Keep in mind the dimensions and limitations to the photo laid out in the screenshot above: All graphics must be sized at 668 pixels wide by 362 pixel high in JPG, GIF or PNG format and cannot be larger than 200 KB.

Once this image shows, you can add more images by clicking the "Add More" button again and following the same steps. If you choose to add more than one image, you can increase the interval they rotate through the portal in the first box at the top (see above). 

A successfully added slider graphic will appear in your portal and replace the default Stretch Internet logo placeholder. 

Footer Graphics

Footer graphics function a lot like the slider graphics with two key differences. The first is that they appear in the portal underneath the media player, while the second difference is the footer graphics aren't as large as the slider graphics. They'll appear in the standard "Leaderboard" ad size. 

The process of adding them is the same as slider graphics. Scroll down to the "Footer Graphics" section in the Portal Manager and click "Add More." Then follow the same steps you did with the launch screen slider graphics. 

Similar to the slider graphics, you'll want to pay close attention to the dimensions and size limitations on the footer graphics: All graphics must be sized at 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high (this is the standard "Leaderboard" ad size) in JPG, GIF, or PNG format and cannot be larger than 100 KB. 

When you're finished, it will appear below the media player in your portal as shown here: 

Keep in mind that all of these images can take up to 45 minutes to populate in the portal. If it takes longer than that or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team -- one of our Customer Champions will be eager to help!

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