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As you continue to dive into the nitty gritty of the Stretch Internet platform, one of the nifty options that you have access to is integrating Twitter into your portal. Whether it's your general Twitter account or one for a specific sport, your fans can now stay up to date on your latest and greatest tweets right in your portal!

Breaking it Down

1. Log into the CMS and select the Portal Manager tab.

2. Scroll down to the Social Media portion of the page and change "Utilize Twitter in portal?" to Yes. Once that's done, go ahead and insert your Twitter handle, decide whether it's your general account or one for a designated sport and then click Add. You'll then be prompted to authenticate the account with your username and password, and once completed, you will officially be utilizing Twitter in your portal!

 *Please note that changes may take around 15 minutes to process.

Notable Information

  • A general Twitter handle will allow tweets from that account to appear on the launch page and next to any live event in the Feeds tab of the portal. You can further customize the Feed tab for live events by adding event-type specific Twitter handles.
  • If you utilize the Twitter Hashtags field in the screenshot above, any tweets containing that hashtag will be publicly displayed in the Feeds tab of your portal for any event you schedule. You can press "Enter" or the spacebar key to enter additional global hashtags.

For example, check out the screenshot below to see how one of our current clients has utilized multiple Twitter accounts to receive the best bang for their buck!

Wonder what the Twitter Feed looks like in the portal? Check out the example below or visit your portal today!

Welcome to the Twittersphere on Stretch Internet!

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