Pre-Roll gives you the ability to upload a video that will play in the portal before each stream. This feature is completely optional, but if you're interested in incorporating video advertisements in your portal, follow the instructions below!

Please note: Viewers will only need to watch your Pre-Roll video one time for each event. The video will play when they first access the event and then they'll be free to leave the portal and come back without having to see the ad each time. 

Setting Up Pre-Roll

1.  Open "Portal Manager" in the CMS. 

2.  Scroll down to the Pre-Roll section (located in the middle of the page). 

3.  Under "Add a New Clip to the Video Pool" enter a description and click "Submit" (you will be taken to an upload page).  

4.  Click "Select Files" choose the video you'd like to upload 

Important: For best results, make sure the file you upload is in the MP4 format with H.264 encoding.

5.  Once the upload is complete, you should be taken back to the home page of the CMS. 

6.  Go back to the Pre-Roll section in the Portal Manager. You should now see your video listed in the Pre-Roll Video Pool (see image above).

7.  If you've uploaded multiple files, select the desired video from the drop down menu titled "Assigned Video."

8.  Select the event type you'd like to apply your video to and click Submit. You can add separate Pre-Roll videos for each sport if you'd like. 

Please note: I f you want to use one video for all of your events, check the box that says "Or select all" to the right of the drop down menu.

9.  The page will reload, and you should now see your video applied to a specific sport (or all event types) under the section Current Pre-Roll Inventory by Event."

For more information on Pre-Roll click here to check out a tutorial video that will walk you through the process.

That's it! The only thing you need to do after following the steps above is figure out what you're going to buy with all of your advertisement money!

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