Live Stats Default Logo and Color

In the Content Management System, Portal Manager settings are especially important. Within the Portal Manager, the dedicated individuals who change and monitor these settings are members of an elite squad known as Sports Information Directors. These are their stories:

(Cue the music) Bum bummm, bum bum bum . . . Okay, so this isn't "Law and Order," but making sure you have carefully selected a default live stats logo and color is extremely helpful. 

To find and set these settings, head to the Portal Manager and look for the section labeled Live Stats Default Logo and Color. 

Selecting your image is straight forward -- just make sure to hit Choose File and grab the desired image from your computer. Be sure to follow the guidelines for the image laid out in the red text (see above). You're also able to set a default color by either inputting your specific six-digit color code right below the Choose File button, or by selecting a color from the color palette that drops down when you click in the box. 

Why Have a Live Stats Default Logo And Color?

Setting a default logo and color will be beneficial when  scheduling live stats in the Event Editor. When you have these set, it allows you to simply use the dropdown menu to select your logo quickly without having to choose a file from your computer. The same goes for the default color.

Congratulations! You have successfully solved the crime . . . err . . . selected a Live Stats Default Logo and Color. Remember to hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page after you make any changes! 

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