Password Manager

Have you ever wanted to limit access to certain events streamed by your organization? Thanks to Stretch's Password Manager, you're able to password protect multiple events at once with just a couple of clicks of your mouse! 

Breaking it Down

After logging into the CMS, you should be able to find the Password Manager among the links along the left-hand side. 

Once there, you'll see an array of options. First, select the date range of the events you will want to password protect. Next, you have the option of applying that password to events when they are live, on demand, or in both situations. In the "Which streams to apply the password to" dropdown, you can select to make the password applicable for only video events, only audio events, or both audio and video. After that, you'll select which type of event the password will adhere to and then finally create the password itself in the last field. Once done, be sure to hit submit! All of the events in that event type in that time frame will be password protected. 

Password Protecting a Single Event

If you'd like to password protect just one event, navigate to that broadcast in the calendar on the CMS landing page and click on it to pull up the event editor. Near the bottom third of the event editing page, you'll see a selection titled Event Password that's set to "No" by default. In order to apply a password to the event, select "Yes" and thereafter you'll see a few other options pop up that look similar to the choices in the Password Manager discussed above. 

First, choose a password, then select if you'd like it to be applied to the event when it is Live, On Demand or in both situations. After that, you will select what the event type is that you're applying the password to -- in most cases you'll just want to choose "All" to be safe (see below).

If you've followed these steps carefully, then you're a password-making machine by this point. Well done! 

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