Show/Hide Events in Portal

Why Hide?

While there are many reasons why a school or organization might choose to hide an event, one of the most common rationales is so fans won't be able to see a test stream. Other times, schools will want to hide certain events from the On Demand section so opposing teams can't view them for scouting purposes. 

If this is something you'd like to know how to do, follow the steps below and you'll become an event-hiding expert in no time!

Hiding a Single Event

Click the + in the top right corner of the desired date or select Create An Event on the left hand side of the CMS. Or, if you've already created the event, select that event from the calendar to open up the event editor. 

Once you've opened the event editor and have the necessary game or test information filled out, scroll down near the bottom of the page and you should see a section titled "List in Portal" (see screenshot above). From that point, the selections are straightforward: Select "Yes" to have the event shown in the portal, and "No" to have it hidden from the portal. 

After making your selection, don't forget to hit submit at the bottom of the page so your change will take effect! 

Hiding Multiple Events at Once

Let's say the head basketball coach is pestering you about hiding the last five games of the regular season so the opposing team can't get a good feeling of your squad's tendencies leading up to a playoff matchup. Lucky for you, we have a tool where you can hide multiple events at once!

To hide a group of events in one go around, select "Show/Hide Events" (see screenshot above) on the left hand side of the CMS. Once there, you'll see three sections to fill out (see below). First, select the range of dates in which you'd like to hide, or show, events. Next, pick the necessary sport and then choose whether those events will be hidden from the portal, or if they were hidden, select "Show" to make them appear once again. Don't forget to hit Submit!

Happy hiding!

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