Revenue Tracker

If you stream video on a pay-per-view basis and want to keep tabs on the money brought in via video purchases, you can do so through the Revenue Tracker. 

To use the Revenue Tracker, start by entering the dates you wish to look at, and then click "search." Doing so should bring up a table of all the passports that included events within the dates you chose, along with some additional information: 

Description: The title of the passport.

Purchase Price: How much the user was charged to buy the passport. 

Quantity: How many of that specific passport was purchased with the total listed at the bottom.

Gross Revenue: The amount of total revenue generated by the passport (Purchase price x Quantity).

Client %: What percentage of the Gross Revenue you will receive.

Client Revenue: The money you made on each passport with the total listed at the bottom (Gross Revenue x Client %).

As always if you have any questions on your Revenue Tracker, don't hesitate to let us know! 

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