Listener & Viewer Stats

Want to know how many viewers or listeners you had for a specific stream? Lucky for you, through the CMS those numbers are just a couple clicks away! 

Start by selecting the "Listener & Viewer Stats" menu on the left side of the CMS. Doing so will bring up a blank Listener & Viewer Stats page. That page will have three options: Current Events, Past Live Events and On Demand Events. 

Current Events: This will give you the current numbers for any events you have streaming at that moment. 

Past Live Events: These will be the number of total unique connections you had while the events were live. 

On Demand Events: Here you'll find the viewer numbers for the event since it moved to the On Demand section of the portal. 

Aside from those three options, you'll have some additional filters available. The first is Filter by Type, which is where you can select either audio or video streams. The second filter is by sport, which lets you pick a specific sport to find your viewer/listener numbers for. 

If you select Past Live or On Demand, you'll be given the option to pick a date range so you can refine your search to a specific day or get a broad overview of your event calendar. 

Once you've got your dates, type and sport all set, just hit "Go" and your page will populate with the events that coincide with your desired filters.

Important note: the number you're getting is the total unique connections. So if the same user refreshes the portal 5 times while viewing, they'll still only count as one connection.

Want more in-depth numbers such as where your viewers are, or how long they stayed watching your events?  Apply Google Analytics to your portal! And as always, don't hesitate to reach out to our support staff with any questions. Crunch those numbers!

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