Category Manager

The Category Manager allows you to add additional categories to the portal for filtering purposes. By default, users can filter by sport or school (NAIA and conference clients). The Category Manager lets you customize additional ways to filter events. 

Commonly used categories include: interviews, press conferences, graduations and more! Feel free to categorize your events however you'd like. 

Keep in mind, once you add a category, you will need to select it within the event editor (more on that later). 

To start, sign into the CMS and select the Category Manager tab on the left hand side. Once there, type your desired category name in the first text box.

After you've entered your text, click "Add Category." That will generate the category in the box below.

Once you've completed those simple steps, your categories will appear as options when you create your events.

To find out how to apply your shiny new categories to your events,  click here.

Happy categorizing! 

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