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Anyone who's used technology understands that things can go wrong at any moment. Lucky for you, we've got your back! We always monitor your live broadcasts and will reach out to help at the first sign of any problems. Below, we'll teach you how to update your contact info for each event so we can be sure to get ahold of you when things go wrong. 

Contact Info can be found at the bottom of the Event Editor (image below). Please note, if you do not have any contacts selected, you will not be able to create an event. 

Who to Select

The drop down menu will list all of the names entered in the Contact Info tab of the CMS.

You may add as many contacts for an event as you'd like, but be sure to add them in the order you want us to reach out! If we see any issues with your stream, we'll call the first number listed. If we don't get ahold of them, we'll continue to call the remaining contacts in order.  

Pro Tip : If you have different contacts for video and live stats, you can put a note in the section at the bottom to let us know! For example:  Contact Jane for video and John for stats. 

How to Add New Contacts

Need to add a new contact but don't want to leave the Event Editor? No problem! Simply select the "Add New" button and fill out the form. Any contact you add here will be automatically be stored in your  Contact Info going forward.  

Here's a look at the Add New Contact form:

Name and Mobile Number are the only required fields but we suggest adding the Mobile Service Provider and an Email Address if you're able to. If the Mobile Service Provider is entered, we can send that contact a text directly from our system. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure to check the check box at the bottom if you'd like that contact to receive important emails from Stretch. For instance, we typically clear out archives at the end of the summer but we'll send an email well in advance to notify all clients. If you don't check this box, you will not receive that email!

We hope all of your events are perfect, but in case they're not, we'll be in touch! 

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