Portal Manager Basics

A neat little feature that we offer here at Stretch is the ability to customize your portal -- from adding sponsors to adding Twitter accounts, we’ve got you covered! This article will give you a brief rundown of everything located in the Portal Manager section of the CMS. Let's get started! 


These options are just another way for you brand and customize your portal. Favicons are the icons that show up on the tab of your web browser. Touchicons are the same thing, just adapted to a mobile device. They are found either in your frequently visited pages or if you have favorites in your browser. The address or page will be accompanied by a Touchicon. 

Live Stats Default Logo and Color

Setting a default logo and color is very helpful when scheduling live stats in the Event Editor. When you have these set, it allows you to simply use the dropdown menu to select your logo quickly and easily without having to select a file from your computer. Same goes for the default color. To see more, check out this article

Portal Background

One of the crown jewels of the Stretch Internet platform is your custom-branded portal. A customization option at your disposal is the ability to switch up the look and feel of your portal background. While you cannot currently upload your own image, you can choose from one of our beautiful templates. To learn more, follow this link.


Pre-Roll video gives you the ability to run commercials before a fan can access an event. When a prospective viewer clicks on the TV icon to watch a stream, the commercial will trigger in the media player before the event starts. You have the option of using one video for all event types, or different videos for various event types. To find out more, click here

Social Media

One of the great custom options that you have access to for your portal is integrating Twitter. Whether it's your general Twitter account or one for a specific sport or organization, your fans can now follow your latest and greatest tweets right from your portal! To learn more about incorporating your tweets, check out this article

Launch Screen Slider Graphics

Launch screen slider graphics are yet another way to make your portal look unique. These images are located on the landing page of the portal -- you have the option of adding school/organization specific graphics or sponsors if you have them. You can add as many as you want and set the amount of time you want one to show before it changes to the next. To find out more, check out this article

Portal Messages

A portal message is any sort of news or note that you want placed in the portal. It'll show up just below the video player under the header, "News and Notes."

Footer Graphics

Footer graphics function a lot like the slider graphics with two key differences: the first being that they appear in the portal underneath the media player, while the second is that the they aren't as large as the slider graphics. They'll appear in the standard "Leaderboard" ad size. 


While we are proud to offer you listener and viewer stats for each event, we understand that there may be times when you want to go a little more in-depth with your statistics. By adding Google Analytics, you'll be able to find out where viewers are tuning in from, how long they stayed on your page, and how they got to your portal! To see how to integrate analytics, check out this article.

Display Settings

Display Settings in the Portal Manager control a few things that are visible on the portal to the fans. There is an option to control whether you want social media to show as well as two visual cues that state whether you want to show games (sports only) in progress and if you want to have our GameCentral banner to show in the portal. Clickhere to see more! 

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