How to Create an Event

This article will show you how to schedule broadcasts and give a basic rundown of everything that is included in the Event Editor. If you need more detailed information or screenshots for any of the aspects in here, head to the Scheduling Events page. Now let's get started!

Open Event Editor 

Click the + in the top right corner of the desired date or select Create An Event on the left hand side of the CMS. 

Ticker Message

Enter text here if you need to communicate something to everyone watching your event. Most commonly used for technical difficulties or weather delays but feel free to use it however you'd like!

Is this a Live Sporting Event? 

Select Live Sporting Event and choose your sport from the drop down menu. If you are not scheduling a sporting event, select Other. 

School or Team Name/Event Title 

Enter or select the teams playing from a drop down menu (be sure to select VS or AT). If you selected Other, simply enter your event title and put an estimate for how long you think it will last (this does not affect the actual length of your stream/archive).


Pretty self explanatory but make sure to select AM or PM! Keep in mind, your broadcast will become Live in the portal 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Twitter Hashtags

If you've set up Twitter in the Portal Manager, you can put a specific hashtag for each event. All tweets that use the hashtag will appear in the twitter feed next to the video player for your event. You do not need to put # before your text, simply type it in and hit Enter.

Portal Categories

You can add custom categories that fans can use to sort events in the portal. This is typically used for non sorting events since fans can always sort by sport. You'll need to add categories in the Category Manager before scheduling your event. 

Live Stats

If you plan on including stats, change this to Yes and upload or select team logos and colors. IMPORTANT: the Home and Road teams are determined by the VS/AT that you select above. If VS, the 1st team is Home. If AT, the 2nd team is Home. For more information on scheduling live stats, click here

List in Portal

This will always default to yes but you can change to no at any time (Live or On Demand) if you do not want fans to be able to access the event. This is commonly used for testing (if it is not listed in the portal, you can access a direct like in the RSS manager).

Event Password

When turned on, you may set a password for your event. You can also specify if you'd like the password to be applied when the event is Live, On Demand or both. This is most commonly used to prevent On Demand content from being used for scouting purposes. 

Streaming Type 

Select Video, Audio (if you're doing audio only), Separate Audio & Video Feeds (will give fans a watch & listen option in the portal. This DOES NOT remove audio from your video feed) or No Streaming (if you're doing Live Stats only).


Select your video or audio channel. You'll need to make sure this corresponds with the channel in the output settings of your streaming equipment.

Archive the Video? 

This option will determine whether or not your broadcast will be recorded in our system. This will always default to yes so only change this if you do not want a recording.

Video Audio Commentary 

This DOES NOT remove audio from your stream. It will simply put a note for our team and for viewers so no one panics if there is not a broadcaster. 

Contact Info

You may have multiple and we will reach out to them in the order you set. We always ask that you have at least one person who has direct access to the streaming computer or equipment. 

Don't forget to hit submit and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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